Existing Verizon customer


I am an existing Verizon customer and would like to attempt this plan 


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Although it's Visible by Verizon, they are different business entities. You'll need to either signup for the free trial (if you have a compatible iPhone) or signup for service and have a physical SIM shipped to you and then activate it. Defer porting your existing phone number until you're satisfied with the service. If having a physical SIM shipped, hop over to the savings spot and pick up a referral code. That would save $20 off the basic plan and you could test it out for a full month before committing:


Other than that it starts at either:

https://www.visible.com/free-trial/ or https://www.visible.com/plans/?intcmp=hp:3waystoshop:plans-lp


Hey there VisiblyPresent. I'm a long-time Verizon Wireless and 5G Home Internet customer, and decided to switch today, and it made sense from a money-savings perspective. So far, everything seems to be working just fine with e-SIM, and the 5G Home Internet didn't change. However, I had to create a new account for the 5G Home Internet using that unique number. Are you a Verizon employee or agent, as I still have questions. Dennis

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Switch, it's great service for a fraction of the price!