Finding Party Pay Members

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Hello all.

Would it be possible to find more party members in order to have maximum savings by making 4?

If yes, how?




I'm looking for a party to join

I am looking to join a party as well.


Join any public party which is large - search on google - I am not sure I am allowed to post here - you probably wouldn't want to create a new one or join a small one  

I have opening in my party, not sure how to invite you

Can you send me the link?

Hi could I join your party please

Me too, did you find one? Do you know how we find them? 


Hi, did you join a party?  I'm looking also.



It is not logical to try to form your own Party Pay group. Just join one of the many PP groups with thousands of members


I second what @rjniles says: join a larger party, preferably already with ten or more people. Avoid the hassles of managing your own party. Many larger parties already exist.

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there are plenty of PP groups with thousands of members - join any of those - good luck

I see people have commented that they have posted a party link but I don't know where to find the link or the procedure to join. 

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Hi! You'll need to leave this Let's Chat forum and instead go to the Savings Spot forum. Here's a link to get you there:  Visible | Savings Spot

Users post referral code links and Party Pay links there. When you click a Party Pay link it will take you to the Party home page where you can see how many members are in that party. Once you see a party that you want to join, just click the blue bar that reads Join (party name) on that Party's home page and follow instructions. Also, I just sent you a direct message with my party link. Welcome to Party Pay

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Any party of 4 or more members gets you the $25 monthly rate, so head on over to the Savings Spot forum to find my posting with Party Pay link along with many others. And hey, welcome to Party Pay!

I'm also looking for a party to join, anyone need one person?


Please join a existing party of 4. There are dozens of parties with 1000+ members or more.

It makes no sense to create a new party. Please rethink.

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I'm looking to join a party


@KermitG ,

Check out the Savings Spot board for links and referral codes.