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Crap slow downs!!! No help !!

I am getting absolute crap slow down speeds in Los Angeles area even down to zero data access. This started happening when they changed the pay plans. I complained and spent hours in chat with multiple visible support. They even change support people...

Changing Caller ID

I need help on changing my caller ID as it shows a different name and not mine. It's possible that because I changed visible plans from the old $40 plan to the new $30 plan and received a new SIM card that it also gave me the number to an old user. D...

Bountsy by Novice
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Android 13

Does anyone know when the Samsung A52 Five G will get the Android 13 update?

baturro by Novice III
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Let's chat about customer service!

I was told Visible monitors these forums and I hope they do and actually read this. But I'm not holding my breath! Just spent over 2 hours chatting on FB messenger and still have not got my issue fixed. Only thing that surprised me was I got a respon...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Dead Zone

I live in an area where there is a dead spot. Data service is extremely slow and calls are choppy.

Resolved! 5G Home Internet?

Quick question - I see that Verizon offers a Home Internet Plan to customers for just $25/month. Since Visible is owned by Verizon, does anyone know if Visible will offer this plan option anytime soon? I do realize that it would depend on the Verizon...

Samsung Galaxy compatible?

I have a friend with my same phone, purchased from same retailer on the same day. Yet his Samsung Galaxy S21 five g is visible compatible (IMEI yes) and my S21 five g isn't (IMEI no). According to Visible website, Samsung S21 should be compatible. On...

jmj123 by Novice
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