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Galaxy S21 Ultra


Im seeing some different answers on this forum from the moderators about the Galaxy S21 Ultra being compatible with Visible. I just checked the compatibility checker and the galaxy s21 ultra is not listed.

Is this a mistake? 




Hey there!

We currently aren't compatible with the Galaxy S21 Ultra, but we are compatible with the Samsung Galaxy 21 5G and the Samsung Galaxy 21+ 5G. The full list of our supported can be found by visiting, and will be updated as more devices are added.


Please read the previous post by highheater. The IMEU with the unlocked Samsung Galaxy S21+ 5G (Model SM-G996U1) purchased from Besy Buy and currently working on Verizon's network is NOT recognized by VISIBLE.


Can you confirm that some models (SM-G196U1) of Galaxy S21+ 5G might be compatible while other models of the same Galaxy S21+ 5G are NOT compatible? Or is this a case of not all of the IMEUs being up to date?


There is a separate thread discussing this same problem with a workaround.


5G Samsung Galaxy S21 IMEI not found...anyone have an IMEI I can borrow?


The compatibility check on Visible's site cannot determine if my unlocked 5G Samsung Galaxy S21 (SM-G991U1) is compatible. Chatting with someone from support, they confirmed that my phone is compatible, but that the IMEI is not being found for some reason.


The alternative they suggested was to find a Visible member who has an IMEI I can use for the compatibility check so I can clear that step in the ordering process. Does anyone have an IMEI they can share with me so I can get signed up?