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The new Google Pixel 7 is out soon! What are your thoughts on it? 

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What model numbers will be sold by Visible?  Will they be the ones with mm Wave capability?  Will the  7 Pro have the ultra-wide band as well?

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My thoughts are how is the Pixel 7 not supported for eSim by Visible lol. Also, you guys need more support staff. I am really not enjoying a one hour plus wait for a chat every time I need help on your platform.

Got my Pixel 7 Pro today, cannot get it to activate with eSim. Tells me the IMEI number won't work, did the system update tried again and still doesn't work.

There is another thread where a few of us are talking about this. Search for pixel 7 and it is literally the only other thread about it. In a nutshell, the Pixel 7 and pro are not compatible for eSIM on Visible's network. You need a physical Sim. If you don't have one you are going to have to chat with support on their website. It is the only way to get one if you already have service.

Ditto...Visible Chat assured me they had resolved this and now had an eSIM for the Pixel 7.  When it arrived, the eSIM transferred from my Pixel 6 doesn't work.  I'm now stuck waiting for visible to send me a physical SIM.  While you wait, visible will shut off your old SIM and Phone, so you'll have nothing for 3-7 days until a SIM arrives.


My thoughts are, it is overpriced for a phone!

The Pixel 4a was awesome in my opinion. For $360 when I bought it, I got about 2 years worth of usage, then Google gave me $300 on trade in for it during the pixel 7 launch!

That is definitely a nice trade in deal. I am just a cheap person on an budget and thought last year the Motorola phone I bought was expensive at just over $200 and of course Visible sold it to me and now it is not compatible with the new plans. I can get a whopping $15 credit on trade in at Motorola. I have a hard time justifying anything more than $300, or even $200, for that matter, at most on a phone. I wanted mine to last a couple more year or at least until the battery goes out in it but it won't make it that far. I was looking at the more budget friendly Google, and even Samsung, phones but nothing stood out that made me want to buy one. I am not a fan of Apple after owning not one, but 2 different iPods so I went with an Android phone. Bad thing I only got one OS system upgrade, not sure it that is a Motorola thing or Android.

Sorry about your luck with the Motorola phone. I hear you about looking for a phone with a battery that will hold up for a few years. As far as Google phones go I would say the "a" models are your best bet. I don't know how long the 4a or 4a 5G gets software updates at this point in it's lifespan but I'm willing to bet you can pickup one of those for under $250 and both should work on the new Visible plan.

 I can't speak to the 6a but the pricing is certainly better then the "flagship" models. The lack of software updates for your last phone is most certainly a Motorola thing. Android manufacturers are responsible for providing updates (feature and security) to their various models of phones. iPhones get regular updates since Apple has complete control over their phone (and other device type) models. The same goes for Google and the Pixel line up. Pixels will always be the first Android phones with updates and the schedule will be frequent as Google maintains Android OS. All other manufacturers have to get the latest updates from Google and tailor them across all device models which is why cheaper phones rarely get updates since they are not priority. Hope this insight helps with your next choice.

Thanks! I think the reason for the issue with my compatibility issues with my phone is because Visible has blacklisted all old IMEI numbers and even though they say they are trying to get as many added from the old list as possible I don't think they are working on it very hard. I think they just want us to buy phones from them. 


I found a lightly used phone off of eBay that says its IMEI number is compatible with the new plan. It is the same model I have but a year newer so I am set. Maybe after what you said about the Android updates with Google phones maybe I should have looked more into the Google phones.


Thanks for replying.

You're welcome! Yeah I'm about on my last straw with Visible. The way they dropped the ball on the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro not supporting eSIM at launch was frustrating (Sounds like they don't have their IMEI database up to date). Now hearing about them blacklisting old phone IMEIs. Their support is a JOKE! Chat takes 1-2 hours each time you need them, and the Twitter and Facebook support just doesn't exist. One of my internet providers in the area is Comcast/Xfinity so I'm ready to switch over my internet provider and then switch to Xfinity Mobile for the same price. 2 lines unlimited with them is $60 which is what I pay now for 2 lines with Visible. Also, I ran some speed and latency tests the other day with a friends phone, Xfinity had much better priority than Visible.

It sounds like they dropped the ball on eSIM with Android devices. I don't have it and only know about the problems reading about it.


That is the really bad thing about Visible is the customer service is nonexistent. I have been lucky I have only had to contact them 3 times in the 15 months I have been here. Last Sunday took the longest that I remember at 45 minutes wait time, I didn't need to really contact them but I couldn't seem to get answers to questions through FB or Twitter at that point after 3 days. Funny they did finally answer on Twitter and FB after 5 days. One of my problems was I couldn't order a phone from them if I wanted to but they fixed that issue through chat, I did get some answer although vague.


I don't have much for options to get a similar plan that Visible offers from these piggyback carriers. Verizon is the local carrier in my rural area but at $90 a month for a single line is out of my price range and out of the question. If you can get a similar unlimited plan with another carrier I have to ask, what are you doing here?! Funny that Verizon owns Visible and wonder if Verizon customers are getting as bad of customer care then we are. I guess that is the price we pay for having such affordable plans.

I just moved to a place with Comcast. I was in the same boat, $160 for two Verizon lines for a MVNO riding on Verizon towers. Visible was the best package for the lowest price at that time.

Glad you have another option now. I wish I did but Visible has been pretty good as far as phone service goes. I just hate their customer service. I retired last year and I decided to get a cell phone and never had one before because of the cost of the monthly service, even when I was working I thought the cost was outrageous. Visible has me hooked good as I am currently on party pay until that goes away and I have 11 friend and family monthly credits left so currently paying $5 a month, soon to be $10 when we have to change.

You are right, Visible only accepts IMEI's of phones sold by them.  Buying a new phone from Google, Amazon, etc. will show as incompatible and the Visible chat agents will tell you "sorry, you need to buy from us."

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This is frustrating! Your IMEI database is out-of-date and thinks the latest Pixel 7 series is unsupported on eSIM. First you recommend eSIM and now want me to go back to pSIM.


Ditto, Visible wouldn't transfer my physical SIM form my old 6 into the 7, and told me I had to "upgrade" to an eSIM.  Got the eSIM, and it doesn't work in the 7.  Now I'm stuck waiting for visible to ship another physical SIM since they're too lazy to turn back on my old physical SIM.

Each time to chat is 2+ hours, assuming they don't disconnect me in the midst of the wait.  I'd ditch visible in a heartbeat if they weren't so cheap...but shopping now since I'm on day 7 waiting for a replacement SIM and no response from Visible.

If it has been 7 days since you requested a pSIM you likely aren't going to get one. They next day the package with FedEx so at most 2 days not counting weekends. Does eSIM work with other carriers on android phones? The phone I picked up doesn't have it but I was just wondering if it was an android thing or if Visible can't get it figured out. You would think since Verizon owns Visible and they are updating there system to what I would assume Verizon uses you would think it would be an easy fix if an eSIM actually works on an android phone with other carriers.

That's my assumption too. I chat with Visible daily, at 2+ hours wait per day, and they keep telling me someone will either send the replacement SIM or call me within 4-24 hours...but they haven't yet done either.

Yes, Android works great with ESIM from other carriers, and the Pixel 7 is designed for dual ESIM. It's only Visible that can't seem to implement ESIM for phones not purchased from them.

From what I have been reading the eSIM is a problem on phone that have been purchased from Visible also, or thought so. With only slight eSIM problems on iPhones. This whole transition is just a big problem. 


The biggest beef I have with them now is that the phone I have that I bought from them last year, a Moto G Power(2021) is not compatible with the new plans. I did buy a like new G Power(2022) that was sold to the seller I bought it from earlier this year so I now have a phone that I know, or hope it still, will work since I had no clue of they will get around to adding my IMEI number from my old phone. I could have waited to buy a phone until it was time to switch but I was concerned it might freeze in transit with our temps reaching -0F and colder in January if that is when they make us switch. Maybe they will get these bugs figured out before then although they didn't have a deadline yet when I was messaging them.

Please please please tell me this issue has been fixed.  I'm trying to switch from my 6 to my new 7 and am stuck in a never-ending blue circle of death.