Has anyone else gotten the text about the upgrade, for the same price then when you go to checkout t


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I am guessing you are referring to when you check out it is showing full price and not the discount. That is just what they call the plans, Visible $30 of Visible Plus $45. Once you get the card and activate it your next billing date will reflect the the plan/price along with the discount for the plan you select. I switched a month ago when the valued member discount first come out. I selected the $30 and don't recall if  was anything mentioned at checkout for the discount. I chose the basic plan and my account show Visible Plan $30 and below that Valued member discount -$5 for next billing cycle which was on March 6th. Even my next bill date on April 6th shows the same. You will get the discount once activated. I would suggest not waiting until March 30th if you decide you want the $45 plan for $35 because I could see if you do not getting the card until April 3rd after that promo has ended, which is March 31st, and you activate the card you probably won't get the discount. The $5 off for the basic plan for the valued member discount I assume will be ongoing until they shut down the old plan/system.


$30 being "just what they call it" is wrong. I went into the pricing detail - they advertise $30/month. They did the same when I originally signed up for Visible Unlimited, the fine print snagged me on that with the Party Pay nonsense. Now they say they have "simplified" and the lowest (i.e. $30/mth) rate is available without Part Pay. How is this anything but a scam, when they bill $40/mth?