β€ŒπŸ”†β€Œ β€ŒπŸ’‘ Hey Visible, β€ŒπŸ˜Žβ€Œ How About A Continued Referal Incentive β€ŒπŸ’Έβ€Œ After the 1st Year?β€Œ πŸ€”β€Œ

Novice III

Hey Visible, getting our regular monthly service fee dropped down from $40/mo to $25/mo through the party plan is awesome! Getting that bumped down further to $5/mo for each referral who also gets their first month for $5 (for up to 1 year) through refer a friend is fantastic! So, don't get me wrong as though I'm just not content with what you are already offering.


But, it does seem to me that it would be a continued win-win (we get a discount πŸ’Έ and you get more customers πŸ’°) if existing customers still had incentive to refer friends after the first year. Ok, so it doesn't make financial sense on your end to keep giving us $5/mo service indefinitely, but an additional $5 or $10 off per month for continuing to refer others seems feasible.


What do you think? We keep referring friends after the first year...the new friends keep getting their first month for $5 and we (as referrers) get a month for $15 or $20 per month for each new referral.


Consider taking it to the Visible higher-ups and let us know.


If any existing customers think this is a good idea lend your support by giving this post a thumbs-up (kudos) and let Visible know your on board with the idea.








Intermediate III

The referral program has been on and off for a while. If they discontinue it, I'm sure it will return. I have been maxed out on referrals since the program has returned. When one gets used, I just refer more and always have 12 "banked"

What do you mean, "When one gets used, I just refer more and always have 12 "banked""?


I agree a way to get more after your 12 would be useful.  If we promote it we should get more of a discount.  We are after helping Visible get more customers.

Novice III

It is just 12 at one time.  You can keep referring indefinitely after that.  Each month one gets used up and you can refer someone else.  So there is still incentive to keep referring.

Are you saying we can stay at 12 indefinitely? If so, have you experienced this for yourself?

Novice II

I guess it prevents abuse