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Trouble chatting!

For some reason I am NOT able to get to the chat when I log into my account! When I DO hit the chat button...It brings up a small window telling me the day I ordered my phone and if I need to track it? What is going on? I USED to be able to bring up ...

Galaxy S21 Ultra

Im seeing some different answers on this forum from the moderators about the Galaxy S21 Ultra being compatible with Visible. I just checked the compatibility checker and the galaxy s21 ultra is not listed. Is this a mistake? Thanks

My unlocked Galaxy S21+ 5G IMEI not recognized

I bought an unlocked Galaxy S21+ 5G from Best Buy two months ago and an using it in Verizon. I would like to switch to VISIBLE but the IMEI is not recognized. The CHAT was not very helpful. Just said that is how it is. I find it pretty hard to believ...

Credit card

I just got my SIM card for my new phone with visible and it is charging me again for the 40 bucks. And u know that I have money on the card but it said I need a different payment method