I successfully activate a new SIM in a noncompatible phone.

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I am going to repost this here also. I think it is ridiculous that Visible says our phones are not compatible just to make us buy phones from them when they actually will work on the new plans. I am not a tree hugger or not that environmentally green but I was raised with the idea if it works why throw it away or waste not, want not mentality. Read on if this interests you.


Since Visible began to offer us existing customers on the old party pay plan a $5 discount for the new $30 plan I decide on Saturday to order a new SIM and it arrived today. I decided to be a sacrificial lamb and activate it on my noncompatible phone and hope for the best.


I was able to activate this SIM in my Motorola G Power(2021) phone running on Android 11 and the IMEI number shows not compatible when you run it through the checker. I did buy a phone from eBay, a G Power(2022) a couple months ago so I had a phone when they made us switch which I thought would be this month. That phone was sold by Visible last year so it had an IMEI number that worked which is why I bought it. Had I known I could activate a noncompatible phone I could have used an IMEI number that I generated from a Google search for IMEI generator, I tried it and that works to bypass the checker.


I followed the steps for activation and I successfully activated it, I could call and text. Of course I had one issue, I didn't have internet. So I contacted customer service via Facebook messenger and I was shocked I had a response within a few minutes, they needed full name and then verification by email on my account. I was still digging around in settings and at that point I saw the my problem. Apparently when you remove you SIM it toggles the mobile data button off and I toggled it back on and it works. Before CS even responded with a solution I just replied I got it fixed, felt not so smart(flagged the word I wanted to use) at that point that I even contacted them. I am not a very technical person when it comes to computers, I know just enough to be dangerous!


Conclusion, your phone can show not compatible and you can get around the IMEI number and get a card and still activate it. This was for an Android phone so for iPhones I have no clue on them. It seemed when I checked certain models of iPhones they are all compatible and never ask for a number.


I did was move the card into my 2022 G Power since the 2021 will no longer get security updates this year. Those that are buying Motorola phones you might want to look at another brand since they have the worst upgrade program in the business(1 OS and 2 years security updates from the time they are released). It's fine if you trade up premium phones every year or every other year but I was hoping to get 3-4 years before replacing it. So I won't be buying another Motorola phone for that reason.