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Extreme disappointment with Virtual Reward Experience

One incentive to select Visible was the Virtual Card, right? Well when I tried mine, the code didnt work. So I tried to get a solution but the card company was hard to reach so out of frustration I set aside the issue for a few months. When I got bac...

sallyc by Novice
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I don't know anything about visible community. Is it something you join to get service from visible. Any help would be appreciated.

micnbrg by Novice II
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iPhone 6 loses service

My iPhone 6 loses service when walking from one part of the house to another. In comparison, my iPhone XR Does not lose service when walking from one room to another in the house. The Xr Has software version 14.7.1. The iPhone 6 has version 12.5.4 wi...

Mg by Novice
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Stolen phone during delivery

Hey everyone, I was really hyped to join the visible community.. but just discovered that a stranger had signed for me and ran off with the iphone. I'm going to file a carrier claim with FedEx and a police report, but I'm having trouble finding where...


I signed up to trade my old phone in and port my number on 9/17. I received the acceptance emails and everything seemed fine. The next day, 9/18, I signed my wife up, bought a phone outright for her and got the acceptance emails. Shortly thereafter ,...


trying swap program it shows montly rate of 40.00 is there 25.00 rate i can get

kevin by Novice
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bug with opening new account

So I've spent my entire afternoon trying to get this resolved with the help desk. I'm pretty sure I know what the problem is but they aren't capable of either fixing it or letting the developers know to fix it. Problem: Have an existing phone number ...