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I am attmpting to do an initial set up of a Samsung S22.  My current phone is a Samsung S9.  I have several issues:

(main issue) it will not surf the WiFi  .  The original phone (S9) works without  a problem connecting to the wifi and surfing.  I made sure to turn off the cell data prior to test surfing.


Next, it will not allow me to enter my Google or Samsung passwords.  I suspect the phone is attempting to log into Google when trying to download updates. 


It stays in an attempt to connet, fails, and only allows me back track, check the wifi password, then tries to download updates again.







Superuser Founder
Superuser Founder

Your explanation seems to be a little incomplete/confused?  The only advice I would give (based on what you said) is to factory reset that phone. 


Good luck!

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