Internet modems


Is it possible to activate a SIM in a phone then move it to a mobile router(ie Netgear M5 mobile router). My wife and I need reliable internet for our RV.




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Hey there! While it is not discouraged to test this out, the SIM cards are designed to only be compatible to specific devices which unfortunately do not consist of routers. Thank you for posting! ๐Ÿ™‚

I am currently using mine in a yeacomm router but not good for a lot of devices

Is there a model of your cell modem that you got working?


I tried the inhand ir300 with no success 


@Jschukraft  we were looking to do the same, use a VISIBLE SIM to power a NetGear M1 MR1100...did you guys get yours up and going?

Yes it works!

That's great! 

Now: HOW, exactly, kind of step-by-step if you would, did you get it working? 
Did you have to first put it into a phone to get the SIM somehow "activated" or something? 
Did you do something by logging into the modem with a PC first, in the setup screens? 

We got a new Visible SIM chip, and simply stuck it into a DeepOrange SIM-based hotspot wifi modem...but got nothing. So I'm sure there must be something more to it than simply  "get one and stick it in"?

Now...HOW, exactly, did you get it to work? 
Did you have to first put the SIM into a phone to Activate it somehow? 
Did you log into the wifi modem with a PC and do something with the setup page or settings? 

We got a new Visible SIM, stuck it into a new DeepOrange SIM-based wifi hotspot modem and, got nothing. 
Would be great to know kinda step-by-step what you actually did to get your service working? 


Y'all need to check the frequencies and bands on your mobile router devices, this could help.

I have an Alcatel Link Zone and did not work, because does not have the proper bands and freq.