Is Visible an Evo-legal ISP?

Novice III

I posted a tweet that asked a question of the fighting game community.


Visible Wireless is a sponsor of Evo video game fighting tournaments.


Unfortunately for people like me in data deserts,  it's against EVO rules  to use a wireless connection in Evo tournament play, yet some people in data deserts have cellular wireless as the only way to play.


I can understand banning satellite internet.  But even if you don't officially ban it it wouldn't work well anyway because it has 200 milliseconds of delay already built into the network.


But visible has less than a hundred usually.


I asked a question in a tweet why is Visible a sponsor of Evo yet not illegal ISP for Evo?  


Now I understand visible might be a good Network to actually play people in Street Fighter online. (If it wasn't for those d-pads you use on the Nintendo Switch when mobile ) If you could find a fight stick for it people might actually play Street Fighter against real online human opponents while moving in a car while using Visible as their modem.  Just because you're not an official tool that's legal in Evo doesn't mean that Evo doesn't think you're good company to associate with, especially as a way to get some fights in while moving from point A to point B.


I can understand having a rule about playing games in motion while competing in Evo.  If you're if the rule says You must play at home, then what happens if your home is in a data desert, you're automatically disqualified.   


unless visible was a legal ISP for competing in Evo


It feels like the '90s all over again except instead of no right-handed joysticks,  (arcade cabinets always have left-handed joysticks except a certain few rebel places which Evo does not usually associate with) now it's you need enough and impossible to get (at least in my home)wired Network.


There should be a data desert exception for requiring wired internet.   Usually the people who Network wirelessly at home  are the ones that cannot do it any other way.


I would join a Street Fighter 30th tournament playing some version of Street Fighter 2 except this Wired Clause is impossible when you have visible or if we upgrade to the magenta home network which goes to up to a gig per second.  (By the way, I think of it as a vacation more than a move because we might come back with four phones from visible if our four phones can easily transfer.  Two are  iphones which should transfer  and one is a basic Android which cost 50 bucks anyway so trade for trade gets a basic Android back.