Loyalty Discount


Well, well. They’ve done it. They have finally respected us loyal legacy Party Pay customers. Check your account today 2/2/23. You’ll see that if you switch to the new $30 Visible plan from the $40/$25PP plan you’ll now get $5 off your monthly bill, thus keeping your price the same. Go Visible!!!


Loyalty Discount 



I saw this on my home page on my account when I signed into it on my laptop. I sent a message via Facebook messenger to ask the question if it was only for a month or was it permanent, this is the reply I got: "We will gladly help you with the plan upgrade offer concern. The discount is valid only on the Visible Plan, and will last until you switch the plan, suspend the service or terminate it".


I was not going to switch until down the road when they shut down the servers running the old plan and now I think I will order a new SIM, probably going to wait until next week since it is too late in the week to get it now.


I am going to save a copy of that conversation so hopefully they back out on it down the road. According to this YouTube video I posted here a few weeks ago from Visible Chief Commercial Officer Jeremy Bolton that we would never have to pay more than the party pay plan. So it looks like they finally did something about it.




After Visible launched two new unlimited data plans in August 2022, there's been uncertainty for legacy customers on Party Pay plans. Visible Chief Commercial Officer Jeremy Bolton cleared things up for me in this clip from our interview. Watch the entire interview here: ...

Thanks for posting that...it was my first question when I saw that 5 dollar discount for the Visible plan now.  It doesn't make it clear whether that is just a temporary promotional deal that will go back to 30 per month, or if that's a permanent offer for the old Party Plan members. From what you heard, it does sound like it's a more permanent offer and motivation for moving the ikd customers to the new plan. But as often is the case with Visible it seems a little vague as it is now and could stand some clarification on their part on the app? Seems impossible to get anyone live to chat with on the app so at least you got some kind of human response on it.

Thanks for posting this... I wanted to ask that same question via app chat or the like, but seems impossible to get a live person.  I will say I'm always a bit hesitant with things in the Visible app as they don't exactly make things exceedingly clear. As seems like they should really let the Party Pay members know that the new Visible plan is the same price as the old Party Plan permently if that's the case. It is a worry that it's just a promotional temporary discount and then might go back to 30 for Party Payers switching over? But it does seem like their answer to you implies that it's permanent as long as you stay on the plan.  Hmmm. 

Fist off I don't like chat I I now use Facebook messenger and it seems like I get faster responses without the need to wait inline. I have contacted them through FB and then went to bed, woke 6 hours later and they had responded in 45 minutes. I had to respond with the information they needed and was surprised someone responded within a few minutes. I think I had a response in 20 minutes yesterday. 


From what I gathered by the response I posted it is good as long as you don't leave, switch to the plus plan and back and it is apparent there is no $5 for the plus plan which is fine be me as that plan is not worth it to me as there is no benefit to me to have it.

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visible Community page really needs to post this info on the main page! I switched my account and my dad's this morning based on what I read on Reddit. Came here and had to search to find your post. Just remember all, it looks like if you move to the Visible +, you loose this discount. 

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Understanding that the Loyalty discount is only available on the Visible plan, I'd like clarification that if I temporarily switch to the Visible+ plan - and return back to the Visible plan, would the discount return?    Thank you to the Visible team for even offering this discount - very much appreciated!  Was certainly a nice surprise to wake up and find it applied to my account!

Not likely, they say if you switch plans, you’ll lose the discount. It would be unlikely, but not impossible that your $5 would stay, but I wouldn’t chance it. IMO, unless you need the premium data, don’t fix what isn’t broken. If you aren’t having issues with the service, i.e. getting manageable speeds, you won’t benefit from the premium data. Gaming, internet browsing, email, streaming video, etc, can all be done with standard Visible in most conditions.

Makes sense.  The Visible plan works great for me at home, and was certainly a major step up from the legacy / cloud approach.   It is nice having the option to upgrade to the + if when on vacation in Orlando, we would be suffering from the deprioritization.   Speed was pretty poor last year at times in Orlando when on the legacy plan.  


From the answer I got it is apparent if you switch to the plus plan you lose the $5 discount.


I do have to say one thing is that since the new plan started my speeds during the daytime on the old plan have gotten better since around October. I would be disappointed to lose that when I switch beginning of the week. I did notice my hotspot now only runs at 5mbps which I thought it was considerable faster when I was getting good data speeds in the late evening hours. I hope I don't run into any issues switching.

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I would hope they would send emails out to the us. I only happened across it because I was updating my payment method. They did say the Network is improved. I have an iPhone 11 and they said this:

"If the device is not 5G capable, no worries, the 4G LTE option will work better than the current connection that you have.

I hope it is improved like the guy who went to Florida, my coverage at my families' house in Alabama at Christmas was spotty. But my Nephew's iPhone and iPad hotspot did fine with a Verizon account, and not the throttled down Visible. Maybe the network upgrade will see a good improvement.

From what I gathered from my conversation with customer service about the new plans back in October about the new plans and my problem with my phone not being compatible was they had planned on sending out an email and a message to the app when the old plan was going to shut down. Otherwise the only time I here from Visible is when they take my money each month. Anything else goes beyond there normal duties.


At least they got the home page fixed so when I click on bring my device and select plan it doesn't give me an error now so at least they did work on that. That only took 2 months.


Edit: I take that back, once again it doesn't work when selecting the Visible plan. It worked yesterday but not this evening.