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Magenta network is 5G swiss cheese

Novice III
  • On the tv commercials the magenta network looks like the whole state of Ohio is covered in 5G.


But zoom in and you see a different story.  Zoom into your home address because that's where you're going to use it most.


When it was the yellow Network we had 4G but I was in a blind spot. Despite boasting 40 to 80 Meg, all I could get was to make at home, the one place I wanted to use it 


The first time I tried the magenta network for home 5G I said well 4G would be an approvement over 1.6 Mb in and 400 KB out DSL.  


It turns out it was the exact same blind spot that magenta inherited from yellow  


Now I was aware that if I were to go through magenta that 4G would be inadequate.  I told the customer service people many times it had to be 5G because if it wasn't I was in a 4G blind spot, and it wouldn't help me at all.


They told me I couldn't get the home service but they told me I could get a special data desert service for people with bad land internet.  But the second people forgot to zoom in to see if my house was in 5G even though I said I was using it only in my house and was willing to sacrifice mobility in order to gain unlimited quantity and 1 Gb/s speed.


And then they ruined the deal in either one of two ways.  When I zoomed in I saw this nebulous pink area and their shades of pinks Are so close to each other pigmentally between the 5G extended area and the 4G LTE area that if you did not see two of them  back-to-back you could not tell whether it was LTE or extended 5G.


Plus they throw in the possibility that I may have gotten a 4G only modem, which would be a erroneous suggestion if you were told the customer was in a 4G blind spot of that particular company.


At least visible listens.  They don't try to sell me a 5G phone when I primarily use my phone as a home hotspot and the 5G hotspot speed and the 4G hotspot speed is exactly the same: 5 megabits in 5 megabits out, and they're telling me it's not network capability but government regulations causing this, I actually proposed the data desert clause thinking if rural areas have more bandwidth that actually used, and traffic lanes are usually empty how is that going to damage the network in the big city?  Then based on the response I reacted to giving every tourist 5G speed hotspot by saying you could limited using too easily testable conditions.  Is one stationary? Is one in an area where there's zero land based Broadband carriers, (our land is still not broadband by 2010 definitions of broadband and we first got DSL in 2013. DSL,  though better than a stagnated yellow Network due to government regulations, was even at the time it was offered in 2013 when it became available not legally broadband.


Visible got their maps and math people working on the network seeing how much it would cost other places to give data deserts as fast as the lanes allow in 5G and 4G network under the condition they remain stationary and on a data desert plot of land, and visible says the numbers work on their account, they could offer it if they were legally allowed but because they buy network from Verizon visible has to get their permission and because the FCC is involved in all cellular regulations they have to be involved to make sure they don't think it drains the network.


I understand all three parties have to agree to this.  How long does it take Verizon in the government to actually figure out whether this condition hurts the network or not? 


I guess it is not all about the megabits.  I'd rather have an honest five and five than either violate a contract by using a Peralta device to fake ping GPS devices (dishonesty on my part)  or being told I have 5G where I live yet find out I don't, despite telling people the home is the only place that's going to have this device with a clause to keep it there in return for more faster internet.


Up to 25 megabits per second per active phone, with a 4 phone plan, the home internet on 4 visible phones would equal one fiber connection once this mythical fiber connection comes, assuming the great monster of States politics doesn't get involved.  Dad could literally drop the DSL which would be worthless and change the phones from his current company to visible and we'd have 25 and 10 while stationary at our home and five and five on the road.  Plus we don't need a separate DSL and cell phone accounts because the cell phone account does double duty.


Superuser Founder
Superuser Founder

Turn your phone on LTE only mode until 2023... You'll save on battery and have consistently good performance.    Best! 

Novice III

That would work...


.... Except I'm in a known "yellow network 4g blind spot" inherited by the magenta conpany.


I currently have Visible, and I'm on 4G LTE.    The problem is the speed limit on hotspot so I don't know what my network can do in practicality.

Superuser Founder
Superuser Founder

So you are not on 4G; you are on LTE (Long Term Evaluation). 4G doesn't exist, long story.....Anyway 5g is just marketing at this point. Yes... you can get 5g in some places, however you don't stay in those places 24/7. LTE is almost everywhere and is reliable. Give it sometime, say a year and try 5G again.   Best advice do somemore research and let me know what you find...