How gaming friendly is your cellular internet?

Novice III

I was on the magenta Network again because they we're offering home internet that was 5G for $50 a month.


Keep in mind that I live in a data desert where there's no good land-based connections and currently my video gaming is done through Visible.


Yes visible does have unlimited bandwidth and will never drop the speed below 5 megabits in 5 megabits out unless there's a natural Network condition combined with priority that causes that.  But chances are, if you live in a data desert, that combination doesn't happen very often.


When I got T-Mobile for like 2 weeks trial the first thing I did was hook it up to Xbox and Nintendo.  They said we had extended 4G which was 4G speeds using a 5G antenna.  The speeds were barely better than my Sprint 3G.  They couldn't even keep up with visible hotspot and they are primarily a Home connection while visible has unlimited 5 M hotspot just a bonus feature.


They said there was a local Tower down and was going to be repaired and would give us significant speeds.


However other parts of the data showed that it's not as rosy as you think it is.  Apparently my NAT type is not very good on T-Mobile home cellular and that's just not a complaint when it's not working, it's a complaint by people who have T-Mobile and IS working the way it's supposed to


On Visible Wireless, with my Xbox one I get a moderate NAT type, on my Xbox 360 I get a moderate NAT type, and I might Nintendo switch my net is rated B on an A to D scale.  Considering it's not intended to be a video game internet system like a home internet connection is, that's pretty good.


With T-Mobile I had strict NAT type for Xbox One, a D rated NAT type on the Switch, and an inability to connect with the Xbox 360.


I thought do I actually want to risk wasting time hoping the network is perfect and most likely get similar net types just because of the nature of the network?  No way I turned it in as soon as I possibly could.


Also the magenta network is kind of uncoordinated between its home networking it's mobile networking and billing because I sent a modem back in March and billing never got the fact that I received it so I was being charged for using a modem that I don't have.


Luckily it's resolved and I owe no money So eventually they catch up and do things right but it's kind of a headache and you have to complain to get it right.


So if you're going to use a cellular service ask is it Xbox and Nintendo and Playstation friendly if you plan to use it with such things. Though I can't speak for its PlayStation friendliness, Visible Wireless is pretty Xbox and Nintendo friendly. 


... As long as you don't try to use the visible Wireless to download large files.  I know most people who would try this would use it as an exclusive Road modem, but in the data desert, it's actually better than our only land-based connection of Frontier DSL.  I just have to have my game devices stay awake overnight while downloading the new updates.