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I have a Motorola stylus 5G 2022. The website says that it is not compatible even though you sell the same phone on your website. I got the new SIM through another account and it works fine in my Motorola. Someone needs to be able to bypass the compatibility checker when it is clear that a phone is compatible.


Just sell me the new SIM and let me worry if it will work. If it doesn't, you get a month's payment and I have to go to another carrier anyway. I'm not buying a new phone when mine works.


Oh, I have 2 accounts that you will lose if you can't work with me.


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I Have the same problem with the same phone. I received it today and they say it's not compatible. Even thought they sell the same one. I talk to two Visible reps that both say it won't work on the new network. I called Motorola and they say that it is compatible. Not sure what to do yet. But I agree just send me a new sim.

Actually I have the Motorola Edge 2022 and it is available on there website also.

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Because the IMEI number checker is flawed. When it comes to Motorola phones apparently Visible would rather sell you one than update their IMEI database to show phones they have not sold as compatible. I bought a Motorola G Power 2021 when I started here and of course the new plans rolled out and it was not compatible. I hunted eBay for hours and any unlocked Motorola phone that listed an IMEI number would not pass the checker until I found one a seller had actually bought from Visible earlier in 2022. Bought the phone and beginning of February ordered a card for the upgraded network since they had the valued member discount. Card showed up I decided to put it in the 2021 instead of the 2022 and activated it without issue. Customer service told me last fall it didn't have the right technology, well apparently it does. I didn't need the new phone after all. I now don't recommend Motorola phones at all because after buying the second one I found out they only get one OS update and 2 years security updates when Samsung and Google phones get 3 to 4 android updates and up to 5 years security updates. I recently found out just about any Pixel phone that is bought elsewhere will pass the IMEI checker if it is unlocked. Not sure about Samsung though. Go to Visible's Reddit and you will see a lot of complaints about the same thing. Maybe at some point Visible will update the IMEI checker.