World Record Speed by Visible

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We know that the rich boyz and galz are on Verizon and the small folks are here. But I thought hey since we got forced to upgrade network which in turn opens the possibility to use 5G and 5GUW I might as well buy a 5G UW so I can have faster speed!


Turned out that all the rich boyz and galz now all flocked on 5G band and as commoners who are in 2nd, 3rd, 4th priority we get throttled down and enjoy the speed of dial up. So I said, forget it now let me just keep my 4G phone and be happy with it.

Wrong again!

Today, just like many other days before I got very slow connection and 1 bar to no bar at all. Out of curiousity I landed on speedtest and clocked a world speed record of 1.2 MBPS UL and 0.3 MBPS DL.

Good job Visible!



Hi @EricssonGH337 - You shouldn't be getting that poor of connectivity.  I would expect a minimum of 5Mbps for download (that's what historically has been mentioned for hotspot speeds).  You will want to make sure you have the latest updates for your device before contacting them as that's what they will ask you to do.  Also make sure Roaming is enabled.  If neither of those suggestions resolve your issue, you can reach out to Visible Support.  Please let us know how it goes.

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