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Samsung Galaxy S21 FE Compatibility

Has anyone with a Galaxy S21 FE been able to get a SIM card and have it work fine? All of the S21 family is listed as compatible except the FE, yet the FE is compatible with Verizon.

kcm012 by Novice II
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Resolved! Party

Can anyone change the name of a party or prevent others from joining?

Resolved! Verizon's Data Priority Levels Explained

I found this article informative. There is a high cell traffic area we visit between 2 interstates and regional mall where we have 5 bars, but little to no data usage. Siri can’t even tell me what the outside temp is. Wife is staying with Verizon unt...

GreenSub by Superuser
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Visible Party Pay - Why is this strategy

This is an open ended question: Why does Visible promote party pay with $25/month and $40/month (without party pay)?What is the motivation behind it? Why this duality of plans? Instead why can't they scrap the $40/month plan and have only the party p...

Wifi calling only with cell reception?

I was told by a chat assistant (after they checked with someone to be sure) that WiFi calling only works if you have cell reception. Is this actually true? The reason I want WiFi calling is because I don't have cell reception where I live. When I had...

QmB by Novice II
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Account on permanent hold

I have been trying for a week now to find out why my account has been put on permanent hold. It started last Sunday morning so I contacted visible thru chat (which is the only way for someone that doesn't have social media) and the first person told ...

jnde207 by Novice III
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