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  • Thanks I didn't see it, it's great because now you have  a option for the people that want fast internet

One second, what happened to party pay? Don't see anything on website talking about it 

I took a look.  It seems the new Plus plan has 5G Ultra Wideband support and Premium Network Experience, which is 50 GB per month 5G data.  Of course, this is merely on paper.  What is the real life usage scenario?  Is it significantly faster than the basic plan?  Or is it too soon to ask this question? :).


I currently have an iPhone 7 Plus; I plan on upgrading to 14, when it becomes available.  It should support the 5G Ultra wide band.

With the iPhone 7 you won't feel a difference but with the 14 you will definitely feel a lot of times the difference, visible sometimes goes very slow every visible user has times that the internet doesn't work good and sometimes it's almost useless, but premium data means that it never slows down even there is traffic you won't feel because you get priority, with premium data it could go up to 800mbps, but that's only for the first 50 gig, for most people it's over enough most people don't use so much data

Suppose you have the 14, should you upgrade to the new Plus plan, or should you stick with the basic one?  Can you still get the fast internet on the 14, without upgrading to the Plus plan?  Guess that is what I’m asking.


PS: I’m currently on Party Pay.  I love the low $25 monthly pay.  Don’t know whether upgrading to the Plus plan with $45 is worth it.

If you get a iPhone 14 and you don't upgrade to the visible plus plan your not gonna get super fast Internet and your not gonna get premium data. Is it worth it? Every person different if you travel to Canada and Mexico or you call  international it's 100% worth it, or if you just wanna get super fast Internet that never slows down (up to 50gb) and your ready to pay another $20 then it's also worth it. I actually travel some times to Canada and I call international and I love fast Internet so I'm going to upgrade 

Per my experience, calling international—mainland China—does not need fast internet.  I use Google Voice app on my iPhone 7 Plus with Visible cell connection to make the calls.  Very clear voice and no hiccups.  I also do not travel to Canada or Mexico.

Now with that said, once I upgrade to iPhone 14, I might have to upgrade to the Plus plan to take advantage of faster 5G ultra wide band speed.  But then again, I don’t know if that band is available in my neck of the woods.

I didn't mean internet calls, I ment regular international calls,  the new visible plus plan includes international calling, u was talking about regular international calling whitch is included in the visible plus plan.

Premium data is not just the ultra wide band its also faster internet on whichever tower you're connected to with no traffic 

"I didn't mean internet calls, I ment regular international calls,  the new visible plus plan includes international calling, u was talking about regular international calling whitch is included in the visible plus plan."


I didn't look carefully at the fine points of the new Plus plan.  If it includes international calling--say, to mainland China, how much per minute from US to there?  I have always used Google Voice with the Visible cell connection to make the calls.  It's really cheap.  Just checked.  $0.02 per minute. 🙂


"Premium data is not just the ultra wide band its also faster internet on whichever tower you're connected to with no traffic."


Cool info! I appreciate it!


So premium data means faster internet whether on 4G or 5G? What does with no traffic mean?

Yes I notice. Sad in someway. 

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Right now for Visible I am paying $40 - $15 for party pay and -$20 for referral discount meaning i pay $5 per month,  if i upgrade to the Visible+ does that mean I will pay $10 per month? Will I lose any referral credits or anything at all by upgrading? 

There are no Party Pay discounts with the new plans, so Visible+ plan would be $45 - $20 referral discount = $25 monthly and Visible plan would be $30 - $20 referral discount = $10 monthly. Perhaps GreenSub can answer the question about referral credits remaining after the Visible+ upgrade, but I've seen nothing that would lead me to believe that you would lose existing referral credits.

How is the referral discount figured?  One friend referred, $20 discount?  Is that for one month only, or for every month so long as you stay with Visible?


I haven't read up at all at the Visible forums in the past year or two, so have no idea about the details.

yes that is correct

when you change plan did they still give you the party pay discount? I looked at my bill when ordering sim card and I paid $5 this month due to referral credit but the new estimated bill shows $20, does that still reflect party pay discount and referral?

Give me the phone number to talk to a visible customer service 

first there is no number.  That is stated several times on the website and in several places.  What is your issue?

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Look at what I found here: Visible Evolution FAQs

"Q: Is switching plans mandatory? How long do I have to decide?
A: You’ll have some time to select a new plan; however, eventually you will need to take action to continue service with Visible. We know you’re going to love the new and improved network experience and we hope to see you soon."


And here: Visible Party Pay Update [2022]

"Q: What's Changing:
A: Since we're making it easier to save with our new plans this means we're also making some changes to Party Pay. We will be closing Party Pay and locking all Party Pay discounts based on a Members Party status on October 18th, 2022.
Yes, Party Pay is changing, BUT in the meantime, your savings aren’t. Members who remain on the Visible Unlimited plan will be able to keep their current plan and Party Pay discounts (locked in at their Party size level as of 10/18) for as long as we support the plan"  (I added the bold type to the final eight words for emphasis)

This means eventually they are going to stop PartyPay???? I hope not 

The Party is over when Visible quits supporting the Visible Unlimited Plan😞

So it's better for people that didn't take advantage of party pay but for us the price just when up 

As I read it, the Visible Unlimited Plan price won't increase and the Party Pay discount will remain, but when the plan is no longer supported, then yes, we can choose another plan and that will currently cost either $5 or $20 more than the Party Pay $25 monthly rate.

I have a few questions. lets say you get the premium plan. You use the 50 gb of premium data. What does the speeds slow down to? What is the minimum and max speeds you will get? I don't agree with them getting rid of party pay. It should remain. I also don't agree with a 50 gb limit.

After 50gb it slows down to the regular unlimited plan wuth caped data speed, 

I don't know to how many mbps the $30 plan gets. I know one thing till now sometimes it was less then 1mbps with the old plan in a place with good coverage 

I’m aware of those terrible speeds as well. That is why I’m asking. 


how do I change or select a new or different calling plan


Log in to your account and you should see the option.

If your phone accepts eSIM, you can down load it, otherwise a new SIM card is mailed to you.

If you have an Android, be sure to know modifications to the APN may need to be made if certain things don’t work, like cellular data.

This is a good post for those changes.


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