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I am currently with T-Mobile and I am curious how the service coverage compares with with visible?  Digital voice mail? How do I get set up with Party Pay? Physical SIM cards? Looking forward to hearing from you.





Welcome, service coverage is the same as Verizon excluding any small rural carrier agreements Verizon may have.

Data is non prioritized 100%. That may be an issue in congested areas.

The $25 party rate is fantastic. When you join a party, there will be a list of the largest at the top of the page. Mine us 20k+

I went from a $80 Verizon plan to $25 flat.


Do not start or join a small party. There are dozens of existing parties with hundreds or thousands of members, join one. I belong to a party with +68,000 members.  Any of these parties will allow any or all to join. There are no risks joining an existing party: there is no information  or identities shared within the party. You are not responsible for anyone else's bill. With a large party you never worry about someone dropping out and the party falling below 4 members to get the $25 month.


Look at the Savings Spot section of these forums to find a party (join one with thousands of members)

where do you find Savings Spot?


Click the tab that says "Forums", It is the 3rd item down.



Using visible now for past couple of months, if you are often in a congested area. You may get poor service due to de-prioritization.


If you have Wi-Fi connectivity, then you can use Wi-Fi calling on phones that have Wi-Fi calling. (Almost all iPhones have this feature, many android phones as well)


Yes join a party which has more than 4 people, there are lots of parties with more than 1000+ members.

Please dont start a party. In one of these comments I put down the URL for the savings spot.


Also for the first month if you join through referral your bill would be $5 (only for the first month)


You can find a coverage map here: 


Be very wary.  I was told my number could be transferred after i activated the account for the "free" trial.  1)When the trial was done, I was then told that my number could not be transferred. period. i could either use Visible's new number or port a different number.  I opted to port in an old number I had parked a google JIV

2) It took really long for my number to port in. resulting in my paying for 2 phone services.

3) The esim is iffy at best.  for the longest time i had 2 numbers on 1 phone and neither worked effectively. there were many missed calls and texts for several weeks.

4) When I removed the Tmobile sim card, i no longer had 2 numbers BUT the remaining Visible service continued to have intermitten problems receiving calls and texts.  I would swear that people had not sent me texts or called until they showed me screenshots of their calls and texts.

5) there is no real customer service only chats which often disconnected when the Chatter became frustrated with the inability to solve my issue.  They virtually hung up on me.

6) it was discovered that i would need a physical sim to correct the problem or reset my phone.  I opted for the physical SIM to avoid any future emsim issues.  I was assured that my service would NOT be interrupted while waitng for the  SIM card to arrive.  and i would get a discount for the days i was without service plus the days i wasn't getting texts/calls BUT it was, I was without phone service for 4 days. There was no discount.  I was promptly charged the $40

7) after installing the SIM the service, the issues with service remained.  My phone is exactly 1 year old, a new at the time IPHONE

😎my service was disconnected on the due date for not paying the regular $40 even though the service never worked fully.

9) When i called to "chat" about it, i was told that If i was not happy with Visible I could take my number and go AFTER i paid the $40 (for the terrible phone service)

10) I had no choice but to pay forward the $40 for service which has historically proven terrible, because the agent did not have the ability to honor the discount which was previously offered me.

finally. my suggestion is this: only use this service on a party line and for phone numbers which are unimportant.  its worth about $20 per month for play phone line. there is no hotspot, and it does drag a bit