Oneplus 8T official support...?

Novice III

When will Visible fully support Oneplus 8T with wifi calling, 5G???


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Hi there! We understand how important it is for you to know when we will support Wi-Fi Calling on the OnePlus 8T. At this time, the OnePlus 8T doesn't support Wi-Fi Calling on the Visible network. As Visible is growing, we're working hard to improve our offerings, and more devices are being added to our confirmed list. We currently don't have a specific date but our best recommendation is to continuously check our website for any updates. 


Thanks for reaching out and being the best part of Visible! -WC

Novice II

To turn on 5G on your OnePlus 8/pro or OnePlus 9/pro do the following:

1) Dial *#*#4636#*#*

2) Choose "Phone Information"

3) Under "Set Preferred Network Type:" choose "NR/LTE"

4) Enjoy your 5G connection!