Visible has stolen my phone number


On Monday March 6th I decided to leave Visible.  I had enough of the service interruptions with no notification or acknowledgement from the company and the non-existent customer support.  I requested my port out information via the app and received it via email right away.  The rest should be easy, right?  WRONG.  Now, Thursday Match 9th, I still have no phone service and phone number is lost in the ether.  My new provider blames Visible, Visible blames my new provider, and no one is willing to do anything to help.  Here is an excerpt from my chat with Visible.


Visible: In that case the best option which I would suggest you to get the resolution quickly
would be, you can simply ask your current service provider to contact visible port out team
directly and they would surely go ahead and get a resolution regarding your concern.

Eric: How can they contact the port out team?  I asked if they could do that and they said
that they have no way to reach Visible and that I needed to chat online like we're doing now.

Visible: Please allow me a mimnute.

Eric: Ok, thank you

Visible: Thanks for being online Eric, I just  checked from my end that since the account
is terminated and the port out is also completed from our end hence, we can only provide
additional information and for that reason to help you out in this case I am requesting you
to contact your current service provider one more time and ask them if is there any way for
them through which they can contact any department of visible to get to a resolution.


So, to summarize, the official recommendation is to contact a team that cannot be contacted because they won't tell you how to contact them.


Visible is hands down the worst company I have ever dealt with.  Switching to their "service" was a terrible, terrible mistake.  I hope people see this before it's too late, because once they have your number you're never going to be able to get it out again.


Novice II

Any update on this. Just curious


I’m going through THE SAME thing! Has there been any resolution? I finally ended up filing a complaint with the FCC. It’s ridiculous!