Over charged again.

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So it has been 8 months since I canceled I protection plan back in August of last year. And now still 8 months later visible continues to charge me for this plan. Every month I have to wait in line talk to customer service just for them to tell me I have to wait an additional 24 hours to get the situation fixed. It even says right in my file that this protection plan was canceled back in August. So every month I spend hours dealing with customer service who can't do anything for me cuz it has to go to their special team. I have been a customer for almost 3 years, I deserve better than this. It has come to the point where I don't even pay my bill until it's late because I'm dealing with them knocking off the $10. Because they always want to put it back on my card in 7 to 10 business days. No, No, No this is your problem visible why should I have to wait 7 to 10 business days for $10 that should never been charged to start with. Why should I have to wait 24 hours after talking to customer service to have this fixed every month. I'm at my wit's end and considering switching phone companies. It won't just be my service visible it'll also be my husband's my sons and a few other family members that I brought on board. Fix this I should not have to do this every month.


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This is a peer to peer forum so asking here for customer service to fix something will likely never happen. They supposedly visit the forums from time to time but I can't say for sure that is true. If chat doesn't appeal to you then I would suggest Facebook messenger or Twitter, you can respond at your convenience. Good luck with your issue or good luck with your new carrier.

I understand this is a peer-to-peer group even though it says that visible customer care is moderating it. I mainly venting and warning people that if they cancel their insurance on their phones they may still be paying and they should keep an eye on their bill. I don't want to switch phone companies for a year and a half I've enjoyed visible service All my frustration is due to this extra $10 a month. I mean how hard is it to take $10 off my bill. Why is sure me that this will not happen again If it's just going to continue. I'm just trying to let people know what's going on. Trust me I've talked to enough customer care agents to know that they cannot help me nor can I be in touch with their "special teams". It's just extremely frustrating after 8 months that I as a valuable customer as they call me is still dealing with this..

I wanted to update everybody on my issues with the overcharge. It took a little longer than 24 hours even though they guaranteed me 24 hours would be fixed. But I finally was able to get the situation fixed and they reimbursed me for my time of frustration with a credit for the month. So let's just keep our fingers crossed that next month that that $10 overcharge is not there once more. My first message has very upset has been 8 months of frustration of literally $10 a month. So just hang in there for those are also having issues they will eventually fix the situation.

Glad to hear!

I'm being charged random charges ranging from like $1.37 to $5.34.

I got a credit for almost the full amount, missing about 30 cents which is not worth my time to fight.

let us know if they are still charging you next month- hoping they don’t charge again next month

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I will definitely let everyone know. As for your $.30 thing I get that. The times they had to reimburse me for the protection plan, they only reimbursed me $10 maybe twice. The rest of the times it was like $9.30 or something like that. I finally started up and took auto pay off. I just wonder how many of us are being over charged and don't realize it due to auto pay?