Phone compatibility

  • I have a university unlocked 2019 Samsung A51   5g uw. It is compatible with Verizon and total wireless according to the IMEI#. checker. But not visible why?

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It boils down to the IMEI number is on the blacklist. It wasn't sold by Visible in the last 12 to 13 months. One way Visible makes a profit is to sell you a phone.


I started in July 2021 and bought a new phone here when I signed up. It still works fine since I am on the old plan and I don't plan on changing to the new plan until they make us. That phone even shows not compatible with the new plans. If I take the IMEI to Verizon(who owns Visible) and it is compatible. I chatted with customer service about this since I am a customer and I was told that my phone doesn't have the right technology. I was also told they were work as hard at moving as many numbers from the old list as fast as possible, that was over 3 months ago and it is still not compatible. There has been at least one person that posted that had activated a card on a compatible phone and moved it to a noncompatible phone and it worked. 


If you want to join you could buy the cheapest phone they sell which is now $100 and activate the card and move it your phone. I will point out if you have any issues with activating or service issues customer service here is the worst and can only be contacted by chat, Twitter or Facebook messenger. No phone number to call.