Re: Are you using a VPN with your Visible service?

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@beav @@ I use ( in the app store. While isn't a true VPN, it does help a lot and depending on your goals it might be all you need. It provides safer browsing, gets around some of the video limits, and so on. I also use nord vpn at times. It's a more true VPN but also cost money


Note, a lot of times VPNs will actually slow down your data if in an area that has good speeds!   Try first and see if it meets your needs before paying for nord or something


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If you are looking to build your own VPN, you can always use Amazon AWS OPENVPN server and run your own VPN service free for a year. Or you can use protonVPN which is good for one device with free account. 

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I don't feel the need to use one.  Windscribe has a fairly decent free plan if you don't want to pay.  


I think what you are talking about is manually inputting DNS in place of default ones assigned to you by your provider.  The DNS address you are mentioning above belong to Cloudflare which does give you a certain amount of extra anonymity and also is usually quicker than the default.  Here's the website with the rest of the options and instructions on how to use them. 

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Whenever in a public place that has free wifi that doesn't require a password,I always use a VPN.

Free ones are NEVER good because they sell your data and that's why they're free

Right from the ProtonVPN website. No, they don't sell your data even on their free version.


  • ProtonVPN enforces a strict no-logs policy, which is clearly stated in our privacy policy.
  • All ProtonVPN apps are open source and audited, so you can see what IT security experts think of ProtonVPN or verify its code yourself. 
  • ProtonVPN is located in Switzerland — a country well-known for its neutrality and data privacy laws — so you will never have to worry about being secretly surveilled or logged.