Settings for Phone missing on iPhones

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I have 3 iPhone 13s. Created  3 new Visible accounts  All 3 phones using E sims.

If I go to Settings... Phone..., the following 3 options do not work.

They just have a never ending spinning circle

Show My Caller ID

Call Waiting

Call Forwarding

These all worked when on Verizon plan with same phones and e Sims.

How do i 'enable' them on my 3 Visible Accounts?

Do I need a physical sim card to get them to work?

I especially would like to use the 'Show My Caller ID' option.




I have the same issues with my iPhone SE 2022 with eSIM.

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Same problem with iPhone 13 pro using physical SIM

Same with an iPhone SE

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This is an excerpt from my chat with Visible on 06/18/2022. "...Visible does not offer premium caller id. This means members can not request for their caller id to reflect any name outside of the general caller id tag “Wireless Caller” or the 10 Digit MDN."

Although I experience the same "spinning circle" with my SIM equipped iPhone 13 Mini, Call Waiting is enabled and functional, but I haven't attempted Call Forwarding.

Thanks for the input!  I did speak with Visible reps and shared with them I’d like to see these options enabled. At least Show my called id. 


May be these features like Call forwarding, Caller ID is not supported with Visible. However i get notification when I am on call and some one else calls me at the same time. So Caller waiting feature is present and working.


Hope it helps.

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