Suggestion for Visible improvement

Novice III

Customer service. Provide some. The veneer provided by 24/7 chat agents is not enough. Many of these folks are pleasant enough and appear competent and willing to help.  But, once they run through their scripted checklists that's all.  They have no tools to actually fix anything.  So they 'escalate'.  24 to 48 hours they say.  Not true, they'll try to repeat that timeframe again a few days later.  Or maybe it's running long or now it's 3-5 days. It doesn't appear to matter if, like me you have a catastrophic service lapse, or if you just can't see texts from xyz carrier, you get escalated, you wait in the same line.


I'm approaching one Mon to Fri week of no service, no voice, text or data, and my 'escalation' has done nothing.  A quick look at reddit, trustpilot and the like suggests my experience is not unique.  How is this acceptable from a telecom company in 2021?  Verizon folks should be embarrassed and ashamed that their sub brand has this many 1* reviews.

I'd welcome any forum moderators or other Visible employees on these boards to have a chat with me about the 'service' I've received.


Intermediate II

Hi @viznoob! I am so sorry to hear you're having this experience with Visible. I'm sending your issue to a specialized team and they should be reaching out to you shortly to get this resolved. I want to get this fixed for you ASAP. 


How are you supposed to get service if your phone has been activated but it does NOT download ANY data in any area (ie Specifically EMAIL where Visible is suppose to contact you) I just started today and this has been a disaster!! even the technicians @ The Apple 🍎 Store were questioning it.

My phone 📱 doesn’t work either….cannot communicate with anyone!!