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Visible Community is a place to connect with other members, ask questions, and much more. This forum is all about… Well, anything. It’s the general discussion forum, so think about it like an off-topic, Visible-themed discussion. We’d tell you some g...

Visible Midnight MicroSD card expansion

Has anyone been able to expand the 32GB of storage with an SD card? I've tried every card and it only allows for Portable Storage. I've contacted support and they've said to contact Wingtech. However, since I'm just the average Joe, I can't really do...

Samsung Xcover pro

I first contacted Samsung and asked about VoIMS and they do support it, so I ordered a sim for this phone. After receiving the sim, I placed it in the phone and activated it. Everything seems to work and didn't have to change any settings

ndowens by Novice II
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Nervous about possible goodbye from Visible

Hello. I think I was a good member of visible community by coming up with a data desert clause. Unfortunately it takes a long time for Verizon and the FCC to approve it. A few days ago I discovered an error on the visible community that prevented peo...

56ok by Novice III
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New customer, ping is all over the place even checking it every 10 to 30 minutes in the same place... sometimes really good, sometimes really bad.... does an e-sim effect this at all? Would I have more consistency with a physical SIM maybe.. or would...

DaConard by Novice II
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