T-Mobile Oneplus 8T Works with Visible...

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Just wanted to give a brief fyi that the tmobile oneplus 8t unlocked does work with visible, seems fine.

the only drawback i see is that 5G does not work yet with this device. hopefully a visible update will fix that.

would be nice if a visible employee can pitch on this.


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Unless it's been a recent change, OnePlus doesn't have 5G even on the visible branded OnePlus device at this time. Could be wrong though! My first OnePlus is also the T-Mobile variety and my second is a device with special beta software from them directly. No 5G on either

visible needs to support oneplus devices to its fullest just like they do with samsungs, apple, google.

I agree OnePlus is one of the top 3 makers of smartphones. Better than Google Pixel as well

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last time i get a branded device from carriers, is a waste if money and time as these devices bought at carriers are not the same firmware and software wise as buying directly from manufacturer... my next device will be either a oneplus 8T glabal US unlocked directly from oneplus or the new oneplus 9 pro when it comes out soon. but always directly from manufacturer, way faster updates and everything just better.

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To turn on 5G on your OnePlus 8/pro or OnePlus 9/pro do the following:

1) Dial *#*#4636#*#*

2) Choose "Phone Information"

3) Under "Set Preferred Network Type:" choose "NR/LTE"

4) Enjoy your 5G connection!