Thinking of switching to Visible


Thinking of switching to Visible from ATT, but I have questions first.  We have Uverse internet, 3 iphones, an ipad, 2 watches and ipods.  Will all devices be able to transfer over?  What is this party pay I'm reading about and it it good or bad that it is going away in 2023?


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iPhones - yes assuming compatibility, you'll need 3 separate accounts (Visible doesn't currently have family plans); watches would be linked to two of your iPhone accounts for an added $5 per month, again assuming compatibility. You can check phone compatibility at and review


I believe you'll need to use your iPhones as hotpots for the iPad and iPods - perhaps someone else can weigh in on that.


For you, Party Pay isn't going to be applicable. The old Visible Unlimited isn't being offered to new customers. Basically it was a way to get up to $15 off per month on the old Visible Unlimited Plan by joining a party (each member of the party was responsible for their own account so not a family plan).


The new plans switch to Verizon core network with a promise of better network performance - lower latency and better speeds. If that holds then the extra $5 per month is worth it in my opinion -  I'll know when my new SIM arrives but others who've completed the upgrade  indicate the promise holds.


The debate rages on as to whether it's good or bad both here and elsewhere.




It's really tricky it could be the whatch is not gonna work with visible because visible uses verizon and verizon is using CDMA which is not the same network, att uses a whole different technology, if you bought it unlocked you have no problem 

That's not really true anymore. Almost all mobile devices have multi-channel radios that can work with any of the major signal types. Also, LTE and 5G are not CDMA anyway. CDMA is a 3G technology and Verizon is turning off its legacy CDMA network at the end of 2022.

edit: It wasn't clear if they were apple watches or not, but I'm assuming so. Apple watches don't have GSM or CDMA, they are LTE/5G only (if even 5G, not sure) so should work on any network as long as they aren't locked.
edit 2: the only thing I would wonder about are the iPods. Were there ever mobile-enabled iPods? If so, they may only be 3G, and in that case, it's unlikely any modern carrier will support them much longer, including AT&T.

Even though Verizon doesn't use any more CDMA it's still a different technology and it's not the same type of bands, international android phones doesn't work with Verizon but with T-Mobile AT&t it does work

I had a phone that was on Sprint (CDMA) in America, then went to England and bought a SIM for Three (GSM), popped it in, and it worked just fine. That's why I say that most phones have radios that are capable of using all the bands. Not always maybe, but if they are unlocked they should work everywhere regardless of where you bought them or what carrier they previously used.

I know from practical experience that phones don't care what band you are on or what country you are in. If there is a limitation it is in the software on the SIM (or eSIM) that stops them.

Take a Verizon phone, slap a Vodaphone SIM in it, and I'll guarantee it works in Europe just as well as it did in America.

So, back to the OPs question and your dissent. There is nothing stopping an apple watch from working on any modern network because they are only LTE/5G and don't care about CDMA vs. GSM. The region/standard wars are over. The only question is does the device have permission to operate on a specific network, not what frequency it uses to do so.

Sprint always installed GSM bands on their phones also Verizon because they have roaming issues that's why they were forced to do it

Whether it is true or not, that is an acceptable explanation for why all modern phones can do all frequencies and protocols, but it doesn't refute my point that they all do it now. So, can we please stop fighting the CDMA/GSM fight and agree that OPs watch will probably work no matter what service they were subscribed to before?

Jesus, it's not that hard to comprehend ...

I don't agree because your right usually it works but some cases it won't have Verizon bands, let's say it's a international model or..... But usually yeah, that's why I said in the beginning that you have to look into it 

Agree to disagree, then. Sorry for getting so heated. In the end, it doesn't matter who is right as long as OPs device ends up working. I assume that it will, but being cautious is always a good plan.


I switched from ATT to visible. 2 iPhones and a SE apple watch. All switched without an issue. iPhones work on both GSM and CDMA networks.


I don't know that I would recommend it. You can pay a little more and get Cricket. You actually might come out cheaper. They actually have family plans. More over If the Data speeds are 5 to 12 MBPS that is terrible and Visible did not listen to its members. Another big draw to Visible was Party pay but they did away with it so I honestly can't recommend it. I use to recommend it all the time however it feels like they are taking a step backwards. One more thing to consider there is no phone number to call for CS if you need it. It is all on the website or in the app.