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Hi All,
I just switched from a Galaxy S8 to a S10 and no longer get notifications when I have a voicemail.  I have checked the voicemail settings in my phone app and tried using both *86 and my mobile number as my voicemail number, but neither worked.  I thought my old phone had a separate app for voicemail, but I unfortunately did a factory reset on it before I knew I would have a problem with voicemail on the new phone.  
Is there a separate voicemail app I need to download for Visible in order to get notifications?  
Thanks in advance of any help you can offer!


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It's a known issue when swapping phones on the Verizon network, on your end there's really nothing what you could do about it but the support team could help you, but I think the visible support team don't have tools to do any changes on the netwok. You could try downloading visual Voicemail see if that helps

Which version of visual voicemail?  I don't see a Visible version in the Play store. 

Visible doesn't have their own visual voicemail if you have an unlocked phone it works with all carriers if you have a Verizon phone it only works with Verizon but there's no specific visual Voicemail app for visible it doesn't work this way

I tried a generic one (My Visual Voicemail), but I got an error saying it wouldn't work with my network.

I wonder if the problem is related to Visible not having my new phone listed on my account... 

Did you just switch phones? Because on the Verizon network there is a known issue when swapping phones that voicemail notifications stops working

Yes, I just switched from Galaxy S8 to S10.  Are you saying there is no way to get voicemail notifications when I upgrade my phone??  How long has this been a "known issue" without being resolved? 

  • Its not visible issue it's Verizon's issue I saw this problem by a lot of carriers that use Verizon network, try asking the rep to reset your network on visibles end that might help