**Tip** What to do if your new service is slow

Novice II

So, I activated my service last night to find my internet super duper slow. I contacted care via the app, they were very helpful. Turns out I was lacking a feature on the account that let me use faster than 5mbps speeds. They couldn’t add it for some reason and had to submit a ticket. Though it took me less than 2 hours to get a response and now my internet is working perfectly! 



Glad you’re up and running. Thanks for the info, @cconway09!

Intermediate III

LTE internet speed depends upon different factors. Some of them are phone models, network signal and peak hours. My iphone 12 gets 30/40 download speed however ZTE get 5/8 Mbps download speed at the same location. 

I tried 3 times to get visible to fix my super slow internet with no luck. This reminds me of the AOL days. It took me 4 minutes to get to this page. The hotspot is useless. I'm using a new galaxy S22 plus. I average 2 to 4 mbps.


I have the same issue and have spent @4 hrs chatting with tech support . The issue has been escalated . Waiting . 


How do you contact a customer service person??????

Internet was fine prior to this morning.  Now it is crazy slow.

Two separate accounts, identical phones, both have poor internet as of this morning.