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Transferring Service




I am currently on my employer's wireless plan, but I'm starting a new job next week that will require me to find my own service. I'd like to go with the Visible Wireless plan so I was wondering how I'm able to transfer service from their Verizon plan to my new Visible plan. I've already been authorized by whoever manages our account to remove the number and take it with me, but I didn't know if there was more to do. Do I need to get a hold of the account info for my current employer if its already been authorized? If it'd be easier, please call me at 4022161337.




Novice III

I'm not sure how business accounts work but I can tell you how I switched from Verizon to Visible just a few days ago. First I called Verizon last week and told them that I planned to switch carriers in the very near future. The rep gave me a "Transfer PIN" which I needed to port my number. He told me not to lose that number.  Once I received my Visible SIM card I used their app to activate my phone. The app will walk you through the short process. If I remember correctly, you'll need your old account number and the Transfer PIN. It just takes a few minutes and you're done. Good luck!