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Newbie II

First, my daughter died in January, many things I did at that time are a blur, like the email address and password I used to open my Visible account. Then yesterday, I tried to add to my mailbox, (the one I used for visible) and I lost that whole email past and present.


Then I called the bank about four mysterious charges on my account, and though I did not want them to they shut off my card and are sending another.

it is at this time, Visible billed me, when my card was off and a new one had not yet arrived. And I can’t tell you because I don’t knew the Visible password associated with the email address I apparently no longer have.

I had no idea all these things were going to gather into one big… yeah.

So, do we do?

and can we do it quickly?


Intermediate III

First sorry about your loss. Second, I suggest using the chat feature on their website for help. I don't recommend using their social media support for help as you will need to verify your account via email for them


Sorry for your loss!