Update on base plan speeds

Novice III

So this morning I get up run a few speed tests and to my SURPRISE ~ speeds are from 40 to 70 down and 11 up. (it’s early in the morning, but I’m very pleased). Ticket was escalated yesterday but if this keeps up it may not be needed. (DFW area)


Pretty much the same experience I have, I get anywhere from 5 to maybe 20Mbps down during the daytime, but late hours such as after 10 or even Midnight I get mid 30Mbps down and saw just over 50Mbps down a couple nights ago and that is rare. Note, I am on the basic plan, 4G LTE area only, no 5G. My upload speeds are not great and just over 1Mbps at any time I check.


I am between towers about 8 to 10 miles so I am borderline on 1 to 2 bars so it impacts speeds. When I run to town and within say 2 miles of a tower I ran over 150Mbps, but funny thing is I can check it a minute later and get 10Mbps. For the most part speeds are in the 80Mbps range on average that close to the tower.

Back down to about 2 MB a second, but they escalated my case so hopefully some good news in the coming days