Verizon home internet promo

Hello, hope someone knows where to take this issue next.


I can't seem to get escalated to a supervisor in chat support. 


I signed up for Visible+ and used the promo to acquire Verizon home internet with a $10 per month discount on Verizon home internet.

After about a year, Verizon decided to remove the discount.


I have had internet with many providers that offer a limited time discount, but it is listed as a limited-time discount in their documentation.


I know that the promo was for $10 per month no mention of it being for a limited time but can't seem to get support to fix this with Verizon. First tier csr doesn't understand the existence of the discount promotion 




I have saw this mentioned before in the last few months. Only thing I could think of is contact Verizon and see why they removed the discount. That promo is still running on Visible and in the disclosure it says nothing about it being limited but it does have this sentence in it "Your discount and this discount offer are subject to change or modification at any time at Verizon's sole discretion." Verizon should be able to tell you why it was removed. Even though Visible is owned by Verizon I don't think there is anything Visible can do since they operate as separate entities.

Also, the disclosure does mention autopay, did you happen to remove autopay at Verizon? If so maybe that canceled it.

I found no reason for the discount to be canceled.  

Having spent far too much time trying to get someone above the visible chat CSRs and too much wasted time with Verizon support I discovered a better path to getting this matter some attention.



Visible really wouldn't have anything to do with this since they only provide the code. So I could see that any conversations with them would be useless. They aren't that competent to begin with. 


Hopefully you get this straightened out with Verizon. As mentioned I have saw this once or twice now in the last few months. Good luck!