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Novice III

My wife and I recently drove out to Arizona from the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois. I can't tell you how impressed we were with Visible's Service. We had a couple spots in Oklahoma where the service went in and out a few times, but all in all it was Terrific!  And here's the kicker, we have SLING as our home streaming service, so when we watched SLING on our phone, we had uninterrupted shows, the whole time we were watching it thru Visible's Service! I am so impressed with the service, and the PRICE!!!!            ANYWAY, just wanted to update everyone. Also, a special Thank you to CRUSHER312, VISIBLEROCKS, VISIBLE4LIFE, LAKEVIEW, TDFAM2, and VISIBLESAVERS!  Also the whole OLLANKETO PARTY !!!!


Novice II

Please tell me, did you do anything as you moved from place to place or did your phone automatically pick you the new towers/ service? I live in Oklahoma, near OKC. Went to Wichita, KS on Thursday and had no problem with service. On Friday, we went to Watonga, in western OK. The coverage map shows 4G LTE all over the area but I was not able to pull any service. Not data, not cellular, not anything unless I could bootleg wifi from a local retailer. It was awful. I tried numerous times to contact support. I was told to do everything including a factory reset on my phone. I was never able to pick up service. As soon as I moved back within  thirty miles of my home, the service came back and all the backlogged calls, vmail, and email came flying in. It was so frustrating. The whole place should have been under coverage, yet I had NOTHING. Any info or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I am using a Moto G Power 2021.

We cut thru the eastern side of the state from Missouri to texas. For some reason, Oklahoma and New Mexico had the most dead spots, but they seem to be in less habitated areas. I had boost before this, and I'm a HAPPY camper now, paying far less for much more. I did not have to do anything with the phone as we traveled, and mine is a Motorola Edge, which I believe is a step up from yours. Hope this helps, good luck


On an iPhone we can reset network settings. Is that a feature on a droid?

Not sure Sub, good luck with your service!


To my knowledge you can't just reset network settings on a droid.  As for what you could do.  1 go into and out of airplane mode.  so turn on airplane mode for 30 second  to 1 minute.  This will force a reconnection.  I can't explain the issue.  A few random thoughts.  1 How long have you been with Visible?  

Not sure if that was meant for me, Phoneman, but I've only been with them since Nov of last year, wish it was earlier than that, the savings are greatly appreciated! Good luck to you!


hey can i join you in party pay?


Please do join us @tomAZ85308 

DM me if you have any questions.