Visible slow data


Hi, I had Visible.  I had a SE2020 and a iPhone 13 pro on Visible.  The SE was on Visible for just short of a year.  The 13 pro was on Visible for a day.  In October of this year around the end of the month I noticed speeds of like 1.2 down 2.0 down 0.9 down.  This didn't use to be the case with Visible.  I chatted in with Care 6 times.  All 6 times they disconnected the chat.  Is this the new Normal for Visible?  What can I do to get better speeds if I give Visible another try?  Should I give them another Try?  I'm in a good Verizon coverage area.


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Hi Phoneman,


The slowdown is caused by deprioritization. Since cell towers have limited bandwidth, your speeds will be slowed to preserve bandwidth for customers with higher priority (Verizon Postpaid/Prepaid). This will occur regardless of signal strength.

Multiple factors can cause slowdowns to happen. If more people are in your area now than there were previously, slowdowns can happen. This is common in southern states as snowbirds move in for the winter. The increase in travel over the next few months (especially if you are near a major highway), can also impact your speeds. There isn't really anything that you, as the customer, can do to improve speeds.