Where do I find a store?


Where am I supposed to go to sign up for Visible?


Intermediate III

Online only.  If you don't want to use the Visible website you can order a cold sim from Amazon.  

Thanks for the reply --- what is a "cold sim"?


Website doesn't recognize m IMEI but I think this phone will work with a little manual effort.  But don't see how to buy a sim.

You need to get your IMEI approved then if you would like put in a referral code,

Preferably 3mJHFG and then fill out the information and a sim will be overnighted. Then download the Visible app and activate your sim. If you want to port in your number there is usually a 100 master card to port it in which you get after you pay your second month. 

Thanks for the info.  I found a Visible brand store on Amazon and a "Visible Activation SIM kit" for $1.  Ordered that, will try to manually enter the APN, whatever else it wants.

Where is the closest store in Athens GA