Worst customer service ever


I have had no service for past several days and customer service was not able to do anything but making things worse. Here is my story.


On 11/16, I started to have no data on my phone. I followed all the steps from auto diagnosis like upgrade phone system, reset network settings, etc, but none of them worked, so I contacted customer service on 11/17. I waited for more than an hour to get to customer service. I was instructed to first upgrade my phone, uninstall visible app, reset network, wait for 2 minutes, reinstall app, and I will have data again. The agent ensured me that it will work because I'm worried that if it doesn't work, I need to wait another hour to get customer service. After upgrade my system, I had no service, but I thought after I finish the remaining steps, everything would work, but I was totally wrong. After reinstall app and I tried to log in, but log in require two factor via text message! I had no service to receive text message. Now from no data, I had no service! I contacted customer service again and waited another hour. We first tried to fix the no service issue, the agent tried to do a redownload order, but it got stuck, so the agent created a case for the redownload. Since we cannot fix the service issue, I asked the agent to help with the login issue. I asked the agent if it's possible to switch two factor to email, the agent said it's not possible. Then I asked if it's possible to remove two factor, agent said yes but I need to wait for 24 hours. At that time I already spent the whole night with them, I just want to port out my number and cancel my service. So I asked if the agent can give me my account number and port out pin, agent said no. So I ask the agent to remove two factor for me, agent said they will make a note in the same case and I need to contact customer service again in 24 hours to remove two factor.


On 11/18 night after 24 hours, I reached out to customer service again and waited for more than 1 hour again. I gave the agent my case number and asked the agent to remove two factor. The agent just replied it's not possible to removal, I was really angry that I waited for 24 hours and now it's not possible to remove two factor. The new agent said we can try to change to do two factor with email. I was totally upset because yesterday, the other agent said it's not possible! But there was nothing else we could do, so we tried to change two factor with email. After an hour, the agent found out we cannot change two factor to email and then told me we could try to disable two factor. What a joke! I asked for remove two factor at the beginning and the agent told me not possible, and after two hours, the agent told me we could disable it. I cannot say how angry I was, I don't know why the agent couldn't think about disable two factor when I said I want to remove two factor. Then we tried to disable two factor, after another hour, nothing works, the agent asked me to try resetting password and it didn't work either. So the agent created a case to tech and said I should be able to have service in four hours which is another lie. I ended the chat after 12 am and hoping it would work after 4 hours.


The next morning (11/19), of course, nothing happened, still no service. I contacted customer service again and waited an hour again. I asked the agent to check my case status, the agent said "I saw an update on your case just minutes ago, you should be able to have your service momentarily". I don't believe it at all, I asked what's the exact update. After several minutes, the agent said the update was "the usual option was grayed out, farther investigation is needed". I'm still angry while typing, how can this message let the agent conclude I would have service momentarily?! The agent couldn't do anything and just said there is people assigned to the case and will be addressed.


I contacted customer service again on 11/19 night and 11/20 morning to get update, no update and the agents said they would help me escalate the case, I don't know if they will actually do that since they had zero trust for me.


Now I had no service for more than 3 days from just no data. Visible customer service agents didn't seem to know anything and the two factor system was a joke, I never enrolled in two factor and Visible never thought about how can people log in if users have no service. The worst part about customer service is that for every message I sent, it took any agent 5 minutes to reply, I don't know what are they doing!


Once I'm able to login, I will just port out my number and cancel my service. Visible is the worst service provider I have ever used (I used ATT, T-mobile, Google Fi). I really regret to switch to Visible because it's just a little cheaper.




I am currently having this issue with them right now with my wife's phone. I was able to do mine with some hiccups but I don't feel as though all calls are coming through. I've been waiting on chat off and on for 4 hours today. They tell me to do the same thing but how can I download app with no internet connection. Now phone says no network and i'm on hold waiting to chat. I just want to forget what I just did and go back to Verizon.


Novice II

I hear you dude. Visible got greedy and made their already non-existent customer service LITERALLY non-existent. When you can’t even hire someone overseas to answer chat, there’s a problem.

I am so very close to just paying up for a real provider who offers actual customer support.