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I am sick and tired of the way I have been treated by Visible! I have a phone, that I bought and went with your services two years ago, and went with Visible. You accepted my phone, and the transfer from Verizon, was very easy. I turned my phone on, and everything was transferred to it. A few months ago, I was informed by Visible, that I had to upgrade my phone to one that would accept their NEW lines and tower transmission from Verizon. I bought a $1,300 dollars,(around that), through Visible , for a Samsung s23 Ultra, that is currently a dead weight, because of Visible! You see I was promised that I would be able to get ahold of Visible 24/7 by chat. I WASN'T told that my Visible service that I was paying for, and is paid up, WITH NO PROBLEMS OF ME EVER MISSING A PAYMENT, was going to be turned off immediately, which now I have ABSOLUTELY NO service at all! I got a new phone. I got it on the seventh of August, and have had trouble with it being able to get ANY decent service at all! I even applied to get the highest service that you have, because your regular service, is nothing but the cheapest possible package that you could get from Verizon, to rent SOME of their service of their towers! THAT'S something that Visible DOESN'T say anything about, when you get their services. You mention that one will be getting their service IF you buy your phone and service from Visible, but they DON'T tell you that the service that you are providing them, is for Verizon's 4G service!! And even with that, you get passed over by Verizon customers, who signed up with Verizon. One doesn't even get a decent 4G service, which my phone of two years that I bought and you provided excellent service to until all this crap happened! I was even willing to pay the extra money to have what you call a 5G service, BUT IT ISN'T! Because, again, you RENT tower and signal priviledges from Verizon, and in their contract to Visible, they state, that THEIR own Verizon customers, take precedent ion service for 5G service, and Visible will NOT be given full 5G service. So you shut down my current phone, and I can't transfer ANYTHING, and I have paid a fully for the new service on my brand new service on my new phone. I contacted both Visible and Verizon yesterday, and they BOTH okayed the transfer in chat messages. I can copy them out! You say that you have 24/7 chat assistance, what a JOKE!! Your chat lines don't even show the area that you can hit to get into chat anymore. I went on the internet and looked up complaints about your Visible service, and there are thousands of complaints through the B. B.B., that are being investigated! I finally got Visible and Verizon to accept that I could bring the phone up to the Verizon store in Grossmont Center in La Mesa, to have them switch it over in store! I GOT THAT IN WRITING, BUT I CAN'T ACCESS MY CHAT IN VISIBLE, BECAUSE WHEN I PUDHED THE BUTTON TO DOWNLOAD IT, VISIBLE WOULDN'T DOWNLOAD IT!!! Now NOONE can get to chat to talk to ANYONE, about their bill, or anything! I am paying for a service that THEY aren't even providing me!! DON'T EVER GO WITH THIS SERVICE!!!! YOU WOULD BE FAR BEZZTTER ZOFF, GETTING A MINUTES CARD FROM THE $100 store, THEN PAYING FOR THIS PIECE OF CRAP SERVICE!!! The only service that is providing ANY cell tower, service, is Verizon. They own EVERY single tower in the world, for transmitting ANY cell phone service. So unless you want to have substandard service now, and in the years to come, you will have to go with Verizon, because they will only give top service to their own customers, and that's the way it is now. Laws were also changed this past year that the cell coverage service will determine when the cell phone is not going to be accepted in their plan. As it is now, every two years, you will have to get a new phone, and it will be through the service provider. No more buying the phone and getting your service. DO NOT GO WITH VISIBLE! IT IS HORRIFIC!


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The base plan is the same plan you had for 2 years, it is not any less of a plan than what you have been paying for all along. Verizon owns Visible if you didn't know that. If you switch to Verizon you might have the same issues. 5G is available on the base plan provided you are in a 5G area, the base plan can actually get the c-band but limited to 200Mbps, the plus plan is MM Wave if you get that in your area. If you have 5G in your area and you are only getting 4G LTE on your phone you need to look at your settings, it may be set to 4G only data. The old service was cloud based and the new service uses the Verizon core. 


For every one of these negative posts by someone who seems to have issues that is likely due to the phone that is being used there are thousands who have no issues or very few issues and like the service for the price and I am one of them. This service is not for everyone and feel free to pay 3 to 4 times as much to have your the same experience. 


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Gee, won't even reveal your name! For your information, I ordered the $45 dollar plan, and talked to Visible, the two times I could get through! I spent four hours of them changing, back and forth, to different service people, all who walked through each step, and ALL connections and apps were correctly installed, STILL, NO service! Tell me how happy you would be, with a $1,400 phone, that you own, that they are charging you service for, and it ISN'T the basic, I pay $45 a month, Mr. anonymous, and costs for another phone! You have NO idea what you are talking about, because you DON'T know ANYTHING about the case!  Go check what the government's rating from consumers is on this service. Its 1.6, NOT very good at all. I know about Verizon. I've never had a problem with them, in all the years I've had them. You are wrong about paying 3to 4 times the amount for their services. I will have to pay $55 for my Verizon services, that are actually better then the $45 service of Visible. You see Verizon owns all of the service towers in this country. Every single other service, T-Mobil, and every other cell provider, rents the signal, band width, and tower, from Verizon. Laws changed in Congress last year, and cell service providers now have the capability to determine what phones will lose their service, no matter if you just bought it or not. You are right, the Visible service does use the Verizon core. They use all of the LIMITED amounts that Verizon will ALLOW them to use, which will never be as good as Verizon itself! In its own statement to shareholders, Verizon states the exact information about Visible vs. Verizon in the share statement, as if you are a stock holder, you own shares in Visible, if you have Verizon shares. I don't think you would be so happy, if you had your phone for three weeks, and you were being charged for a service, that couldn't be connected, and that's with another person who was also supervising and putting the esim card in, who was  actually the Auditor and Controller of the county I live in. I know all about Mbps and MM waves. I've worked with computers since before the first P.C.'s came out to the public. If you like, or are willing to accept a service that is third rate, because that's what this is, Verizon will show you they are a lesser service then ANY of Verizon's plans , fine, you keep it, but if you need to see medical reports, get a hold of certain reports in any amount of a decent time, Stear clear of Visible, you'll sit there and spin. Good luck to you with this server, and it's not the phone. Byee!

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I loved visible, until I found out I would never be able to buy another phone with Visible, then not so much.