confused about Visible upgraded network email


I received an email from Visible saying "Here's why an upgrade is required and what you'll get. We've upgraded our network to offer you better service at a lower monthly rate ... Log in to upgrade". When I log in to my account, I do not see anything about upgrading. Please explain?
I just upgraded my account to Visible+. I received a new SIM card and installed it as part of the upgrade process. Does this relate to the email I received? When I upgraded to Visible+ and installed the new SIM card, did I upgrade to the new upgraded Visible network? Do I have to do something more?


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If you upgraded to the plus plan you are on the new system and can ignore the email. They may have sent yo the email after yo ordered your card but before you actually got and activated it. As long as you have activated the new card on the plus plan then you have upgraded to the new system. You can verify by signing into your account and it should show what plan you have. It should say Visible+.

seam like everything is a confusing game with these people 

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well this is a lot of noncense have to go here to get help why it is a cjilds game if u ask me why cant this company help in the app or have a better and faster wat to comunicate ??????? frustrated person here