5G UW logo not popping up

So a couple weeks ago I upgraded to the new visible+ plan and so far it’s been a pretty good experience. When I first activated the plan it worked just as it should with no issues. Last week my phone started to no longer show 5G UW up in the status bar, just the regular 5G. I did some tests to see if I was still connected to UW and I was, it’s just not accurately shown on my phone. I’ve seen other people complain about this on Reddit so I know this isn’t just a me issue. Please fix @Visible



Same. Visible + also has only been as fast as 200 - 300 ever since a week after using it. Initially I was getting 500 - 600mps same location with the UW logo and now it’s gone and twice as slow. I thought it was my iPhone 12 Pro Max and even after upgrading still no fix. This is obviously something with visible and it would be nice to have fixed or at-least acknowledged. Already took my money for the same old 30$ service. 15$ extra bucks for what!?