Activate Service - Greyed Out in App and Wait time over 2 hours on chat

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Hello, New Visible Customer here.. Actually returning after 2 years and appalled by the poor service. Activate Phone option in Visible app on my new iPhone from visible is greyed out. It says "stand by while we activate your service".  Been on chat support for 3 hours now and it says I am #42 in line..


What are my options? Already regretting switch to visible 


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Another 2 hrs wait and 10 in line .. hopefully will get there before midnight ๐Ÿ˜ข


wow so im not the only one dealing with this. Visible is trash i been trying to activate my new phone all day. and been sitting in the chat and then it just closes me out. gunna switch to a new carrier 

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I would recommend you getting a hold of customer service through Facebook messenger. Last time I used it a few weeks ago I messaged at bedtime and woke up 6 hours later to a response that was time stamped 45 minutes after I sent it. What surprised me is when I responded with the information they asked for I could not believe I had a response within a few minutes and subsequent responses about as fast.

I went to bed at around midnight still being 10 in line after waiting for 4 hours. Iโ€™ve left a tweet, a dm on messenger as well and there is no response. 

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Someone responded to me this morning on twitter DM and helped me out to try and activate. They say that they see an error on their end as well and advanced triage team will have to help. I got assigned a case and will await a resolution. Will update here as things advance so it may help others

Was your issue resolved? If yes, how long it took? I am in same boat, since morning having hard time to activate my service.

Yes it got resolved. 1 day to activate and 2 days to port. Ask them to file a case and get a number. Frankly the most horrendous experience ever Iโ€™ve had moving to any carrier

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I have been trying to get mine and my husband's phones to work since last Wednesday. Customer service wait one day was an hour another day an hour. Another day on with someone and they wasted an hour of my time didn't resolve my issues. Getting g ready to find another carrier. This is ridiculous ! I keep trying to do esim and it fails every time

I set up my acct after downloading the app and my activate was great also. Once I verified my email by confirming in my email the gray box became blue.I then hit activate and it works perfectly.