An issue with my address


Is there a way I can possibly get my address verified? I am unable to send it really anywhere else other than my home.


Novice II

Hi Aidan,

I ran into that months ago. I was trying to have it sent and was using my laptop to access Visible. I kept getting that same error. The simple solution was to process it using my phone via the Visible APP. I hope this helps. If not, download the APP to chat with Visible support or Chat online

with visible via their website, Facebook messenger, or Twitter @visiblecare

Novice III

Hello, I'm dealing with this issue as I type. Does your EXACT address show up on Google Maps? If so, then disregard this post. If not then I have your solution. My address did not show up and therefore Visible wouldn't/couldn't send a new phone to me. So I accessed Google Maps, entered my correct address (which didn't show up). I then clicked on "Add missing place" and took it from there. You're going to enter your correct address and pin it to their map. It takes a few days for Google to verify your address. Once it does wait 24 hrs or so for it to show up on maps. Then you should be able to get whatever you want from Visible. I hope this helps. Feel free to message me if you need any more help.