Anyone else having issues updating their address?


So I've spent over 30+ hours of my own personal time with MULTIPLE agents trying to simply update my shipping address. I get to the point where I click save and it says it will send me a verification code to enter to validate it. No code, ever. I keep getting promises that someone is looking into it, and it's been "escalated" and someone will give me a call. NOTHING and I'm going on a week now. Empty promises, getting the run around, no resolution. And the reason for all of I can upgrade my phone through Visible. You would think at least one employee would be johnny on the spot to help the company make money. But nope, I'm on my 10th agent and counting. Any suggestions? I've already been through all the troubleshooting with 

 multiple agents. So I'm beginning to think this is an issue on Visibles end. But frustrating nonetheless. 🤬


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Yes same situation with me. Am using a pixel 4a phone. It's a known problem with text message verification and visible. All my other apps work for verification with banks. Just visible fails to work for verification. My wife has an iphone SE on a separate plan with visible and that verification did work. 

The only fix discussed is 


1) activate airplane mode. Wait. Deactivate airplane mode. Repeat. 


2) check if you have two sims incorrectly set up. Esim and actual sim. 


Neither solution worked for verification on the pixel 4a.  But verification does work on wife's iphone SE 2020. 

Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately, I’ve tried that multiple times. Been chatting with IT numerous times and no resolution. Ask to have a case number set for you so at least you don’t have to start all over with each agent. No one seems to know why and all I keep getting is the typical we will fix it answer with “I promise to help you fix this today” so stupidly I trust them and all I find out is that I was just “bumped” because I was taking up too much of their allotted per chat time. Hopefully something will help. I wish you good luck trying to update as well 😊

The latest suggestion is to do a complete factory restore on the pixel 4a and see if that works.  Am not doing that because I see no reason at this time, because that is just a guess also. 


Did you try switching  to esim on your phone?  It's another guess but might work. Am thinking about trying this some time soon. 


Same.  Exact.  Issue.  
so frustrating!

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Actually may be the duel sim situation on the phone. Am going to to provision both IMEI numbers. Will see. 

Did some more testing. Tried to change to esim, like I tried to change address. The esim change request did get emails with the code number verification. Thus is definitely a Visible issue. The can send verification via email but their system is broken to allow that for address change.