Apple Watch Outbound Caller ID Number Problem


Hello fellow Visible subscribers.  I am going to share my Apple Watch Outbound Caller ID saga with this forum in the hopes it might save someone else from enduring the lengthy and frustrating resolution process that I have.  My Apple watch has transmitted an erroneous outbound caller ID number ever since its activation.  I discovered it on day-one when I tried calling my friends with the watch.  Most did not answer me since it was an unknown number.  The one friend that did answer me, asked what this new number was.  This is where my three-week saga with Visible customer support commences.  I started by of course enduring the hour-plus hold time chat process.  A couple of tricks I have learned about the chat hold.  The time outs seem to be related to the website logging off your account due to inactivity.  So, the way to avoid that is a mouse-jiggle program.  I’m using windows, so I downloaded the program: Move Mouse.  This way you can start the chat and come back in an hour when it is your turn.  The other thing I have learned is that twitter is also a good option. It is not always manned, but when it is, it can be a faster response than chat, and it provides a record of what has been said.  With chat, we do not have a record, but of course the Visible Care team does.  One of the most frustrating things over the last three weeks in trying to resolve my issue, is the repeated questions by every new customer support rep you speak with, and the repeated attempts to solve the issue in exactly the same way.  It has been pure insanity.  At least with twitter, you can cut and paste from your previous conversations to bring the new rep you are dealing with up to speed.  What the Visible care team likes to do when they get you on chat or twitter is try to solve your problem (which is good) and make you go away.  What is not good is when they repeatedly make you go through all the same steps you have gone through before.  Then, when all of that fails, they say they are “escalating to a higher level”.  This results in an ending of your chat, and instructions to wait for an email for further instructions toward a resolution.  I have now endured this process something like ten times.  Most times the ``higher level” support says by email “we have great news” and then asks you to do the same steps that have already been tried or says, ‘we have reset the caller ID database”, please reset your phone and watch and try again.  I have heard that one five times now.  I am beginning to think the “higher level” service is just a handoff to other support reps.  Back to my specific problem.  It is still not solved.  My phone number is XXX-XXX-XXXX (I’m going to withhold my actual number).  The erroneous phone number that is transmitted from my Apple Watch when I place a call is YYY-YYY-YYYY.  The correct XXX-XXX-XXXX number is transmitted if my iPhone is on and nearby, but if it's off, or not nearby, YYY-YYY-YYYY is transmitted.  What I asked the twitter rep yesterday was to search the visible system for the erroneous YYY-YYY-YYYY number, rather than making me go through all the normal stuff (reset, reboot, reload apple watch OS, reload iOS, update to latest versions, reload eSIM, reset network settings, etc).  The reply: “oh yeah, we see that number somehow got associated with your watch at the time of activation.  We will have to try to remove that”.  Next, I got another infuriating boilerplate email telling “great news” and to do all the repeat steps again.  So, the problem still is not fixed, and I am still stuck chatting, or tweeting, escalating, and waiting for “higher level” support emails.  Hopefully the insanity will stop soon, and I can report back here when it is solved.  I sure hope nobody else has to endure this.



I don’t know if this is the same issue you are having but when I came to visible I didn’t bring my old number. I chose a new number. The number I chose was owned by a man named Jeff Johnson. I am a female. My son told me when I called him this man’s name showed up on his caller ID. Not my name. Even though he stored my name with my new number under his contacts. When I call anyone it shows the previous owners name. I have been contacting Visible for 2 months to fix this issue with no resolution. I was told they can help me change my number again or have my number listed as Wireless Caller. My name can’t be registered with my number I am paying for? No it can’t they said. So how did Jeff Johnson’s name get on that # then? So many people are blocking wireless callers if not identified. Has anyone else had this issue?