Apple Watch still shows “Activating” after 7 hours

Novice II



After four days of going back and forth with customer service trying to get my Series 7 activated (including then telling me to remove my Visible eSIM plan from my Phone which then wouldn’t redownload, leaving me without phone service for nearly 48 hours until a physical SIM arrived), I thought I made headway. 

I changed my zip code on the 911 address page during setup from zip+4 to just my 5-digit zip and it finally activated. Or so I thought. It said to wait 30 mins, then restart the watch. I did, and for the past 7 hours it just shows a spinning progress wheel and “Activating” in the Apple Watch app under cellular. I tried restarting both devices (including my iPhone 13 Pro) to no avail. 


This whole process has been exhausting and infuriating. 

Image of what I’m seeing: