Attn Visible: I Have A Question Regarding Party Plans

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When I signed up with Visible I joined a pay party with nearly 12,000 members. I understand that if a number of people should leave the party in any given month, there will still be plenty of members left to sustain the party over and above the 4 people required to keep my $40 plan down to $25.


My question is this: There was only one person who originally started this particular party, if that specific person leaves does the whole party cease to exist?


Thanks, in advance, for your feedback.





I don't believe so. As long as four or more people are in the party, you should receive the discount, even if the starting person leaves the party. You could reach out to tech support on social media to confirm

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Nope, Visible parties don't have an owner. If the founder leaves, the party will be fine. Not to long ago, I signed back up for my original party that I founded and it was still alive! 


Thanks for the feedback. Devin37354, your answer sounds almost official😉, but it would be nice to have confirmation from Visible.